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Blitzortung sites not shown on Regional Networks...
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:42:25 PM »
I just realized that we have no acknowledgement of those websites that are providing Blitzortung lightning data to the networks. While the number of Blitzortung sites in the US is currently small, the data network will continue to grow over time.

The current regional networks already have indicators for those websites that contribute to the Boltek/Nextstorm equpment but nothing for Blitzortung users.

I would suggest that an indicator be added for those of us who have Blitzortung stations on-line.

Currently the networks have icons for sites with the following configurations (see image below):
  • Weather Data / WebCam
  • Weather Data
  • Weather / Lightning Data
What is missing is an icon that shows the site to have Wx Data / WebCam / Lightning

It appears the most logical icon would be the diamond shape currently used for Wx / Lightning Data but with an colored center. Perhaps a different color could be used to designate the different lightning detection systems now in use.

Sorry, I know I am making more work for the moderators (especially Ken) but thought this might be something to think about for future development and enhancements.
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