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I would like to join the GLOBE program to provide my station data to you. How do I go about doing it?


Aardvark is a member of that program and if you don't hear from him soon on this forum, try a PM and I'm sure he'll be glad to help.

- Jim

I have awakened from the vast pile of papers, reports and stuff for school.

I'd go to their site and look around, there is a "join" tab and go from there.

I have Weatherdisplay automatically send my data every 6 hours, although weatherlink will do it for any length of time, but you have to do it manually.

What I got to do was , there was an Iowa Academy of Science meeting in town (I am a member)  and they were offering the training.  SO I went , took about an hour ,  I signed up, eventually was contacted by the local office and then I got my user ID and password.

I would go first to their site.  then.. send an email to:   and ask them what the procedure would be for your particular situation.

this is me:

Do they have a map similar to CWOP/MesoWest or Wundermap...etc that displays participating weather sites?



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