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Not sure what brought that on since I have the entire WU section 'Ignored'.  I find WU to be a complete waste of internet bandwidth and disk space, so I don't even bother to view the section here.

However, I have an issue with any representative of any company making that kind of statement.  It shows they have no interest in how people feel and only want to hear YayYays and Hurrahs.  I've seen it too many times from other company reps on other forums and it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the company as a whole.

for me ken this sums it up

4) some members here seem to mostly post angry/often derogatory/causal theories and those postings (while maybe cathartic for the poster), leave the topic thread difficult to glean the underlying issues.  It also serves to discourage anyone seeking to provide answers to genuine questions.  That is NOT the behavior we've engendered here on

ive learnt a lot from this forum about this hobby , right from the offset this forum offered me so much advice but yet in recent times it is difficult to either engage or wade through the derogatory noise . we all have bad days and have frustrations or question a view point  but the recent rhetoric is hard to reason with or the continuous rhetoric it all seems so self opinionated and as you say cathartic for the poster.

i hope this forum remains informative and valuable for many years to come because if so it will be my first port of call when i want to find about something for example been on the  edge about the new davis single tipping bucket method looked promising from the start but this forum provided a widespread real world view , i could have jumped and got one but having information found on this forum deterred me for now..if those threads had been full of noise and assumptions i would never even considered looking into it..

thanks for your honesty and efforts to maintain this forum..brian

"Any similar behavior displayed in other threads will be forwarded to moderators for their consideration."

That set the tone.  Whatever happened after it is on them.

WU may have had people here but they were mostly useless.  The resulting information vacuum created a swirling vortex of conjecture which could have been entirely avoided had they put up even a minimal "status report" on a semi-regular basis as the rest of us sat and watched WU turn into a massive trainwreck.

If you are referring to me as being one of the members you are "personally embarrassed and disappointed in" then so be it.


--- Quote from: saratogaWX on May 21, 2019, 10:22:50 PM ---To those who wish to express your anger/etc, please take those sentiments to Facebook or Twitter -- this forum values civil discourse and facts.

--- End quote ---

No, don't do that, as the same rules apply there. 

Doing so will quickly get you banned from those forums, as a few users from here have already.


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