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The official Cumulus forum isn't this one...

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This board is for user-to-user support of Cumulus software.

The official forum for Cumulus support was and the developer regularly visits and responds there.

As of 04-Nov-2018, the Cumulus Forum has moved to and the Cumulus Wiki to .  Cumulus software can be downloaded from

Steve Loft, the author of Cumulus and Cumulus MX has retired in October, 2018 and is no longer offering support nor updates to the Cumulus software base.  He has released the source for Cumulus MX and hopefully, someone will be assuming maintenance for Cumulus MX going forward.   We wish Steve all the best in his retirement and with peer support, his Cumulus legacy will live on.

Best regards,
Ken (now one of the admins for the Cumulus Wiki)

I'm glad I can post here then without any issues..

Sorry but I think you'll find there are plenty of folks in the same situation as me.

I've been a member of the SandaySoft forums since Mon May 19, 2014 10:45 pm

yet I still cant post, and the contact page :  - is a joke. 

--- Quote ---If you need help with installing or using Cumulus please post a message in the support forum.
--- End quote ---

I cant post and emailing those two addresses gets no replies.  if the owner Steve cannot support his forum, then he needs some Moderators/Admins to help run the forum while he is busy programming.

so pointless getting any support from that site as i cannot post!

That is unfortunate that you are not being added as a full user at  While Steve is on a travelling vacation the last few weeks and will be back by the end of April, he has chimed in from remote on occasion to help users with issues.  Overall I have known Steve to be second to none in providing quick and well thought support for his Cumulus programs.  I know he prefers issues to be posted on the forum so that all are aware of the issue, and the possible resolution, if there is any.  But am also aware there are occasional email exchanges.  If you have tried to contact on being unable to post I will be glad to try to make contact on your behalf.
--- Quote ---If you are having problems registering or logging in to the forum, etc email the forum admin at
--- End quote ---


Hi Paul, Thanks for the offer.  I am just finding it increasingly frustrating to get any support since i cannot post on that forum.  If you could send a private message to Steve that could be great.  My username on that forum is Toxic17.

Thanks again for your help.

Toxic, Hang in there and hopefully your posting problem will be resolved.

I've been running Cumulus for several years and recently switched from a power hungry oversized PC to a little Raspberry Pi running the new CumulusMX. I had a few minor setup issues and in all cases, Steve responded within hours or less with a solution.


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