Author Topic: Does Ethanol containing gas need Heet to keep the gasline open?  (Read 569 times)

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Does Ethanol containing gas need Heet to keep the gasline open?
« on: December 31, 2022, 10:39:58 PM »
For those of us that are at the intersection of the Venn Diagram of Circle One being up where it freezes, and Circle Two, where ethanol gasoline is the standard, I have a question.

In many years past, we almost always carried a yellow plastic pint sized container of HEET or something brand similar.  If you had or suspected gasline freeze,  you dumped this in and hoped it would clear any crystals or blockage and the car would start and run again.  Whether or not it worked, is anyone's guess.  The other thing would be to take this relatively cheap bottle and put  it in to a tank of gas to 'absorb' the water in your gas and burn it up, thus avoiding the dreaded gasline freeze up.

Now that most of our regular gas is 10% ethanol, does this provide the same or better function as putting in a bottle of HEET?  Can a vehicle running on 10% ethanolated gas have gas line freeze?

Oh, did HEET ever work or was it all a figment of advertiser's imagination?

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Re: Does Ethanol containing gas need Heet to keep the gasline open?
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2023, 04:18:37 AM »
We have had ethanol in gas for many years, yes.

I still had two freeze ups with a car that obviously had a low spot that collected water. Went to mall on cold windy day. From attached garage to wide open parking lot in the wind. Car did not start so I put in two small bottles of methyl hydrate. Surfed internet on our phones for 15 minutes. Since this was second time it happened I was prepared and not worried.

After 15 minutes the car started instantly.

The only difference from the first nearly identical incident was the first time, I shot a squirt of starting fluid into the intake and hit the starter. It ran for a couple seconds confirming my suspicion that it was frozen fuel line. It also started instantly after the treatment was in for about 15 minutes.

No. Ethanol in gas does not prevent high condensation events from making a risk of freezing.

Yes. The little bottles of methyl hydrate DO work.

I never did a regular use as some people do. Never saw the need. If you have freeze up, just pour it in and it will go to low spot where water is and thaw it out.

I also stopped going to the station I suspected of giving me water. I think my suspicions were confirmed as this station is now gone. Tanks removed and its a gravel lot now. Probably had leaky tanks.
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