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Davis Transmitter bad Capacitor
« on: September 20, 2023, 01:12:18 PM »
I thought I'd share this as it may save some folks some money if you have a flaky Davis Transmitter.   I have a old Davis wireless VP2 (6152) with two transmitters, the ISS transmitter and a separate 6332 transmitter for my anemometer/wind direction.   The transmissions on both of them had become spotty over the last few months.  I replaced the batteries but no luck.

I removed the plastic cover in the transmitter housing and found that the supercapaciter on the 6332 had leaked and the one on my ISS looked iffy.  I ordered two new capaciters from digikey (2085-TPL-10/10X30F-ND). I also found the solder to one leg of the battery holder on my ISS was loose.   I replaced the caps and fixed the battery holder.   So for less that $5 in parts I was able to get both operational again!

Interestly enough I think the bad cap on the 6332 was causing it to interfere with my 900mhz headset as it was having range issues while all this was happening.  Once I replaced the capacitor the headset went back to it's full range..  Weird.
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