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WU Radar "wxradar.php" stuck at 1422 UTC

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Our local radar site KAPX was down for several days in the past week.

Yesterday, it began working again per wxnwsradar.php and other sources including GR Level 3. The https://radar3pub.ncep.noaa.gov/ site shows KAPX as being "Up".

However, the old WU radar (mine is here) still shows the radar as being down, probably because it hasn't updated since yesterday morning. My compatriot up US-23 is showing the same thing.

Is there anything at WU that explains this? I have tried other browsers, and get the same results. The fact that lakehuronweather (Otis) has the same issue tells me that something is amiss at WU for this. I might just take the WU radar off of my navigation stub and rely on the NWS Radar if there is no resolution.

Greg H.


just posted that in another thread

my radar from WU has been down for a day.

Any idea if this is temporary or permanent?

Radar as of 5-6-21.   8 am

Mine is down as well.  I think I noticed mine on Tuesday evening.

I went and switched mine to new NWS radar image.

You can open https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/lite/ and find your GIF image.  It's not as feature rich as the WU one.  But at least it's working.

It appears it's a WU issue and not NWS NEXRAD issues....All radars on the WU site are reporting down at this time.....

And again, WU IT at its finest..... #-o

mine still shows it's down http://www.gosportwx.com/wxradar.php


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