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My advanced Davis setup


This is my Davis station setup with a special Arduino setup to measure the fan rpm of the aspirated shield and other parameters. I also have a PurpleAir and a Ecowitt lightning sensor on the pole.

This is the station (the Anemometer and Solar/UV are up on a 33ft Chimney not visible, and my dog knocked over my beer... :( )

Inside for curious people:

The special transmitter board by itself.

This is the receiver prototype (it's different now, smaller...)

Great setup, can you explain it please! but a thought, i think you have to leave free all around of the aerocone.

The entire little transmitter board/receiver allows me to make sure that the AC fan conversion I did to my Davis station is always running, and I don't get increased temperatures from stagnant air readings should it fail and I don't notice it for awhile. It also tells me how hot the enclosure is getting so I can monitor it for electronics health, and also tells me the Supercap charge (not used when it is on AC power) if the AC power ever fails. It will also tell me when the enclosure cooling fans are running (it gets up to 120 degrees here in the summer), and in the Winter time I have the fan speed automatically reduce at night to save power, which is also indicated.

I had to make a compromise with the rain gauge. We don't get alot of rain here, and I've found the Davis gauge actually either matches, or is within 0.01 of the CoCoRAHS gauge I have there, and I am also usually identical or within 0.01 of neighboring stations a few blocks away. It has a pretty unobstructed view of the sky, granted I do see what you are referring to and the CWOP manual states, but again compromises of too high vs too low and what else is on the pole ;-) That's why I offset it out from the pole as well. We also have sprinklers so I have to avoid it being too low and catching the sprinklers LOL

Love the setup, very clean :)

I use a very simple visual aid that i have wired up to my fan, its an LED that is a flashing type, if the LED changes from flashing to solid the fan has failed or LED off, then the fan, LED or PSU has failed, i can see the LED from my kitchen window, works great and for the last 2+ years :)


--- Quote from: azchrisf on April 14, 2021, 12:35:11 PM ---and my dog knocked over my beer... :( )

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ooooh - BAD dog.  BAD.

Cool setup.  Interesting mods to your setup.


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