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I hate to call Windows weather software but I think that it is, at least in one case.

I updated my Weather Computer from 7 to 10.  Since the last Windows 10 update, I will get, every now and then, an annoying three note annunciation and a fly in from the right lower corrner comes in with a Weather Warning, and some simple thing like "0.0 inches of rain has fallen in the last hour," of course is true because it is 5 below 0 F, and also, of no real value in warning me of any threat.

I don't see any weather site logo, I can't get info by clicking on it (or I"m not fast enough) to find out where this valuable announcement is coming from so I can turn it off.

Has anyone seen this with win10?  I'm running two instances of Weather Display and GraphWriter on that machine and that is it.

I'm hoping someone knows where this might be coming from and how to turn it off.

From the start, in the search types in Notifications and this should display Notifications and Actions.
You can then select which Apps have notifications turned on...
There is also "Weather App" but that does not should like the issue

weather display program is producing that when a weather warning email is sent

Thanks for the replies.  I went to the Control Panel in WD and the Warning Alerts & E-mail in both instances of WD, and the main switch is turned off, RED, for both.  Maybe there is no email being sent, but just a 'local' notification.  I will keep an eye on it!

Not having set that, and having the main switch turned off, I assumed nothing was coming from WD.


first time I have seen someone complain about it


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