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HTTPS Streams Required
« on: November 20, 2020, 04:33:24 PM »
Every Stream should convert to HTTPS ASAP!
... but don't panic!
 Announcing: -- A SECURE Icecast server for your Weather Radio Streams:  is free for providers, donated and administered by Ken True (, and monitored by the NWRORG Team.

Effective November 20, 2020 (NOW) is the Primary WEATHER RADIO ORG stream server.
NO NEW non-https streams are being accepted.

For the complete story see the NEW "How To" page at NWROrg. There are important parameter, Protocol, and convention changes that should be understood, and adopted.

The new "how to page" has a "quick' version: with a link mainly for existing providers: "Expanded Version here: Specific Policies that should answer additional questions regarding the new protocols, and current streams.

Please read the HOW TO and the Specifics addenda page before you 'ask' here or contact us.

Quick Basics:

We are incorporating some very specific protocols that should enable YOUR resources to be utilized efficiently. Many streams may present with somewhat better quality. These protocols will also maximize the various nexus servers' efficiency, and improve the data processes.

Many of you will only have to change server, and mount, or add a stream to

Yes, IF you're using a 'self' SERVER like Broadwave, you'll need to add or change to an "encoder", e.g. "Butt". "Pi's" etc may need only minor changes.
Be sure to adopt the new protocols,  especially the mount name and stream parameter conventions e.g.: bitrate and sample frequency (sample frequency).

1. You must point to as the primary server.
2. NON-HTTPS urls will NOT be accepted. Period.
2. We are more likely to reject a third-party server, though there may be a rare exception.

MOST of your questions can be answered, hopefully, in the "explicit" protocol sub page, supplemented by the 'HowTo" page. Please maintain, if your wish, any other stream you are currently sending to other servers
1. We ask mainly that you also point a stream to, using the new encoder and mountpoint parameters.
2. Out of respect and loyalty to Chris C, we suggest maintaing any stream to , if possible. As non-https, though, it will be dropped from our lists when your new mount goes active, or by 12/31/2021.
3. 'A Primary Stream" we define, broadly, as "1st in a sequence of same transmitter Callsign/Location". Generally, the primary server ( streams will gradually assume that position over a NON-https source or third parties, so if you're already a Primary, get your shot in quickly, to capture the primary mountpoint.  If that is captured by a current 'alternate', or NEW stream, and technically "belongs" to you, we'll try some negotiations... otherwise it will  be first up, first on list - with existing providers having 'preferential' position...exception: very Consistent Lousy QRA may be 'demoted' if a suitable is available.
4. Otherwise, Some 'self streamed' broadcasts may drop to 'alternate' as long as they are HTTPS if some early bird grabs the primary mount first
5. Your 'self streamed' 'HTTP" broadcast will be dropped when your new stream becomes active.  ANY remaining NON-HTTPS streams will be dropped from NWROrg on or before December 31, 2021.

QRA subscription: You must submit a NEW subscription request for any new stream URLs.  Even if a new url replaces a currently subscribed stream URL. The "old" subscription is automatically purged. That is; if a subscribed url is purged from the master file, any subscription is automatically cancelled when the servers fully cross/update. No need to cancel othewise...but any 'NEW' requires request.  If you wish to stop a currently active stream's QRA, you must request cancellation. You can subscribe/cancel/modify subscriptions at QRA Report Request

Oh yes, it's not yet ready, butcoming soon now available, a "tool" that may help you determine the 'correct' mountpoint for your stream.  The tool is at

Use it to help determine the mountpoint to use for your stream at

ed note: added link to the radio-finder tool.
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Re: HTTPS Streams Required
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2020, 08:19:02 AM »
Here's one real-life example of WHY this is necessary:

A Whole State Wiped out:
We received an inquiry this morning notifying us that "None of the Streams in xx are working".
In this state, there are 6 streams currently listed. Here was their status at the time we answered the query,
and a modified excerpt from our reply:

Here's the 7:35 am EST status for XX Streams:
ABC10 Smallville Online at server, Primary ...but no audio. NON-SSL
ABC10 Smallville Online at server, Alternate...but no audio. NON-SSL
ABC11 Metropolis OK NON-SSL
ABC12 Gotham City OK NON-SSL
ABC13 Atlantis OK NON-SSL

Asssuming this is a case where the browser / device refused non-https assets, then the ONLY chance this user had for a connection in this state (ABC14), was, coincidentally, offline at the time.

ABC11, 12, and 13 would have been available IF they were HTTPS.
and, if both ABC10 streams were HTTPS, they would have opened, but been silent.

That's Why.

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