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13 years ago today


13 years ago today - Feb 2nd 2011 - was the first day of 3 in a row days that saw below zero temps!

Feb 2: -4.2 High: 19.0 Mean: 10.4
Feb 3: -9.4 High: 17.1 Mean:   4.3
Feb 4: -2.5 High: 33.9 Mean: 18.1

Those highs in the teens were & are my usual low temps for any year. My station history (since 2008) has the average low temp for Feb 2nd at 31.7 - including 2011's deep freeze.

The 3rd was brutal (for the SW desert) - "Daytime" (6a-6p) record of 7.5. "Nighttime" (6p-6a) record of -2.2. & a windchill of -26. All station records.

Power outages were in many places as a result of a El Paso Electric station freezing up.

It got down real cold in Texas and Oklahoma, too.


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