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     With the bad weather thats moving thru the Upper Midwest I thought I'd post a couple of happenings from the past.

Jan. 30, 2019, I had -23 below -0-, with the Windchill @-42 and a daytime high of -12.
Jan. 31,2019, -30 below -0-, with a daytime high of -7.

Nothing Earthshattering, but cool for us around here.

Post them up Gang!

For the dates you mention that cold snap slid by here rather quickly:

Date             High           Low
29 Jan 2019:     24.3           5.6
30 Jan 2019:      6.6          -3.4
31 Jan 2019:     31.9           4.1

The coldest morning in recent memory was 16 Feb 2021 with a low of -24.6.  That was last day of a nine day cold snap where the high never exceeded 15.

For this current cold snap this location is forecast for -18 tomorrow morning and -17 Sunday morning.

(All values in Fahrenheit)

I remember Jan. 31, 2019, as well.  My Rainwise console showed -47 when I got up that morning, while my Ambient station had stopped at -40.  No wind to deal with, though. At the time I was living in north central Minnesota.

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