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Quote from: Gyvate
But in the logic of the procedure, this should be the security key (password) of the AMBWeatherPro-xxxxxx network - which shouldn't have one ...

I think we all agree there shouldn't be  a security key, but as my earlier post makes clear, I am being asked for a key. I've tried connecting on from Windows 7, Windows 10, iOS 15.8.2, iOS 12.5.7, and iOS 17.5.1. All see the network as secured. All these devices correctly see my home network as unsecured and correctly identify secured networks in other locations. The likelihood that five different devices with two different OS and five different versions are all in error is essentially zero.

In order to verify the unit is resetting when I reboot while pressing Wind/+ and Pressure/- I changed a number of settings - wind speed to knots, temperature units to C, pressure to hpa. I unplugged th unit and plugged it in and verified the new settings carried over. They did. I then did the reset procedure and everything changed back to the default settings. But the unit still asks for a password when I try to connect to it. The reasonable conclusion is that factory reset doesn't include whatever caused this to have a secure login.
what is the firmware version - can be seen when powering the console up (power-cycling without batteries inserted) ?
Visible for 1-2 seconds in the top left portion of the display (take a photo).
Tring to remote debug and diagnose with the manufacturer.
WH2650 and WH2680 are th same - they are no longer (were they ever ... ?) listed on the Ecowitt webpage as the WH2650/WH2680 is functionally a GW1000 without the internal T&HP sensor. They have end-of-live status, but the resellers still have a lot of them I guess. Unless you want to use a WS85 or IoT devices, it cover all other Ecowitt sensors, so it's still a powerful piece - and with the extra needed and separtely placeable WH32 indoor sensor, it is more flexible than GW1000.
The new GW1100/GW1200 now have the choice of using the internal or an external T&HP sensor.

If the antenna under the little stick is the WiFi or the RF antenna (or both) I don't know - haven't opened it yet. But I have no reception issues with mine. The distance is not so far, but there are a couple f concrete walls with some sensors.

Design-wise the box is debatable but functionally very good.
The WH2682 (only in the USA resp. only a 915 MHz model) is even better as it has WLAN and LAN interfaces like the GW2000. Its IoT compatibility is still unknown though.
Does the 14DEAF match up with the last six digits of the MAC address ?
I'm actually curious if this is a bug in the new WiFi PRO code that doesn't get reset when the console is reset.
Thanks for checking also Ed.  Whats happening is this, for whatever reason NOAA doesnt put Today's MAXIMUM temperature where it should be so its blank and the script takes Tomorrows MAXIMUM as TODAY but Tomorrow's data is formatted differently, so in this case, I had to read Tomorrows data when it was expecting it be formatted in Today's fields.

And currently Tucson is not showing Todays Max so the script update fixes it.

OK, here is mine working:

Regarding the AltAjaxDashboardConfig6.php are we still using the $useWU to call this?
 I haven't used since 2019.
Currently, I prefer it to measure correctly in the range of 50-60% rather than overestimate it by even 15%, as is the case with the old sensors I used.
I ignore humidity unless it's over 95% or below 10%, and that's just for fun. If you want to do direct comparisons, you should be using the dew point.

Unfortunately, the average person has no idea what dew point means or represents. Temperature and humidity yes, dew point no.
This was an edit to my previous post, that I put in before your entry.

Based on the documentation there doesn't appear to be one (meaning, enter from console). I would still contact Ambient Weather, but in the end as this is an open box, I would probably return it if you are able to. You may be dealing with an issue on the unit for which the previous owner returned it, or how it became an open box purchase came about

Edit: Caveat Emptor on open box items (although I have done it in the past)
let's see what Ecowitt have to say ...
it's a strange thing which is not supposed to happen - but might be connected to the devices used for pairing.
I suggest the OP gets himself a smartphone from someone who is not normally using the OPs wireless local network and see if he still runs into the same issue.
the Steinberg Systems station (sold via expondo - these days 109 EUR) is the SBS-WS-600 which so far came with a WH2650 - but the WH2680 might be a hardware upgrade. Waiting for Ecowitt to enlighten me here. They have mentioned this console in some document but nowhere else on their websites.
I have some suspicions but am waiting for Ecowitt to clarify.
For Sale/Wanted / Re: Oregon Scientific WMR968
« Last post by rikostan on July 10, 2024, 12:57:55 PM »
Oh yeah, I had that one too! I went from a LaCrosse to that guy. I might still have some of the parts in the basement.

I did find my old LaCrosse anemometer and it suffers from that same brittleness you described. I broke one of the cups off just by picking it up.

{EDIT} Oh no, I got them confused. The OS anemometer is almost brown and super brittle, the LaCrosse still looks like it works and is pretty good shape.
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