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Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: cloudbase
« Last post by Vasco on Today at 02:54:33 PM »
Something wrong in character coding. . . what is 36d'z''C?

Thanks again Ken It has been like that for about five years with no problems. I had a hard time finding the zone numbers, but I did find them and everything is working again.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Advisories Page Missing Legend
« Last post by Forever on Today at 02:17:33 PM »
I have a cell phone page for just the MTR zone and had it pulling just the advisories for that zone but it's no longer working. If I use this new code it pulls in the advisories for all of the zones from the bigger map.

This is the code I had before, is there any way to get this working again?
Code: [Select]
/* Get the Current legend */
$fileName = "";
$the_source = get_data($fileName);
$startgrab = strpos($the_source, "<div id=\"wfomap_rtcol_bot\">");
$finish = strpos($the_source, "</div>\n\t\t\t</div>",$startgrab);
$length = $finish-$startgrab;
$the_legend = substr($the_source, $startgrab, $length);
$the_legend .= '</div>'; // Add back the terminal string we searched for in $finish
/* End Legend Acquisition */

Thank Ken for that, i'll do as you suggest, this website has been working 90% of the time for the last 11 years, yet this morning didn't want to load, kinda strange.  Will let you know later how I progress.

Thanks again..

Looking at the wayback machine, I see that is the URL to your website.

Using check-fetch-times.php?show=settings shows you have a mashup of USA, Canada and World settings and that may be causing the issues you see with your site.  I'd suggest getting a Settings.php from the distribution, copying your current values to the corresponding ones in the Base-Canada Settings.php to clean out your current version.

Because you're trying to load USA alerts and alerts for the UK, the site likely has issues.
Check the error_log for the website .. it can contain clues about what is failing.

Are you using a template or your own website design?  There doesn't appear to be a Saratoga template (the check-fetch-times.php diagnostic utility is 404-Not Found).

Need a lot more details in order to provide any more guidance.

Just received this via Godaddy chat Tech.....As I can see that your website is not working due to exceeding the server's Physical memory, I also understand that you haven't made any changes in last week but some of your code is just using the server's physical memory.

Do you have a developer who can look up your codes?

Not sure whats going on, have not altered website for ages, latest from tech......Great, please ask your developer review your code and optimize it then your website will start working again.

However, you can also upgrade your hosting plan with more physical memory then it could fix it as well.

Funny how more money can get rid of memory.....and chance somebody could have a look into this,

Thank you in advance.

I have noticed that website has been moved to a folder called Sandbox within the public html folder, not sure what has made that change, seems Godaddy are trying to blame my developer whoever that is, your the man Ken....Any ideas ?

This is crazy, website moved back by Godaddy and its working, what the heck !!!!!
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: wxforecast.php Updated Date Issue
« Last post by Otis on Today at 12:37:05 PM »
As Jasiu indicated, his change works, there are two (2) locations for that change in the advforecast2.php file: Point Forecast and then Zone forecast.  I made both changes and the time stamp is updated on the forecast.

I think the problem is caused by misspecification of the Forecast zones in Settings.php
$SITE['NWSforecasts']   = array( // for the advforecast2.php V3.xx version script
// use "Zone|Location|Point-printableURL",  as entries .. first one will be the default forecast.
 "KLAS|Las Vegas, NV|",
"KVGT|North Las Vegas, NV|",
"KIFP|Laughlin, NV|https://",
"KORD|Bensenville, IL|",
"KFEP|Shannon, IL|",
"KDKB|Hampshire, IL|",
The first entry in each line appears to be a METAR site, not a NVZnnn Forecast Zone.
The first line should read
"NVZ020|Las Vegas, NV|",
for example.
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