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Title: Anker is giving out free batteru power supplies up to $200.00
Post by: danandrewswx on May 23, 2016, 11:51:11 PM
Hey everyone and I know this is a very fine line, however, I really think as Skywarn members you can all use this.
 (https://www.anker.com/deals/tsh?ic=0bd39e97bfbc23855646) Anker has a summer promotion that is giving away up to $200.00 in free power supplies. The contest runs this week only. I know that a lot of weather forecasters and storm chasers are on a budget, so $200 in free gear (if you get 100 people to like their page....I thnik is well worth it.

Sort of like the Bloomsky promo

Note to moderator:
I do not think this is spam due to it costs people nothing to enter. That being said, if you feel this warrants spam, then I am cool with that. However, I just want to get my fellow chasers free gear!