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Chasing Ghosts (Interference)
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:02:48 PM »
I posted this over on earlier this evening but I thought it may be helpful here as well. Thanks to Cutty for keeping me from banging my head TOO hard into the wall!
73, Eric. WM7Y station 2298

Good evening, I thought that I might share my experiences with BLUE.

I am station 2298 in Reno NV, USA.

Since my system saw first signals I have had interference problems. First of all, a little background. My station is 100% solar powered, no electric within 75 feet. Everyday my system would go into interference mode almost at the same time. Yeah, that was just about the time my solar panels were in full insolation! I thought it my charge controller that was the culprit. After buying three separate charge controllers, and still having the same problem, I contacted the manufacturer of one of the quietest charge controllers that uses Pulse Width Modulation. His comment to me was PWM is at 300Hz. I looked at the signal page, nothing in 300Hz causing problems.

The point of my post!

If you are having interference problems, MOVE YOUR H FIELD ANTENNA!!!

After I went through all of my problems, I moved my H-Field out in the rock garden. Sitting on a table about three feet off the ground. Interference had disappeared or was sporadic at best.

All of the electronics, radios and what was going on in the solar shack was causing the problems with going into interference mode. As an Amateur radio operator, I know the value of part 15 USC. Sometimes all you need to do is relocate or reorient your antenna.

Part 15 works both ways. My interference was caused by me. So if you are still having problems with interference after moving the settings on your amplifier, try moving your antenna.

I think you will be most surprised at what happens.

73 to my Ham friends, and the best of luck to everyone!

Eric, WM7Y station 2298  :)
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Re: Chasing Ghosts (Interference)
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2018, 12:38:42 PM »
In my case, it's the E-field probe. It picks up ELF noise radiated from the power lines when they read the meter multiple times every day. :-(

We should first bring up the signals page on our controller's web interface to see which channel(s) that our interference is on, and move that.
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Re: Chasing Ghosts (Interference)
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2018, 07:13:10 PM »
I know what you mean about the power line noise. I have overhead lines that have open wire secondary, not twisted triplex, which as we know tends to cancel some harmonics, a transformer right behind my house, and three poles away, loose and arcing hardware during winds. As with you, I'm looking for a new installation location for my e-field as well.
Thank you for your reply, that is what it is all about. Expanding our knowledge over things we think we know that we really don't, but through the trial and errors of other operators we are able to learn and apply what we have learned and has been handed down. You never know when someone may have a suggestion you haven't tried yet!
73, Eric
Station 2298