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Presets via URL Bookmarks
« on: September 15, 2013, 04:26:11 PM »
I made a suggestion on the main Blitzortung forum regarding presets for gain/thresholds.

Would it be possible to add some "preset buttons" to the GUI for various gain/threshold settings?
You could store different gain/thresholds for various noise conditions and quickly revert to a "favorite" setting.
I would be like storing a radio station on your car radio, the settings could be quickly recalled.
I have different noise conditions that seem to require certain combinations of gain/threshold.
A custom label in the GUI for each setting would be even nicer.

Tobi came back with an interesting workaround:

No, there are no plans to add such presets or similar, as this should be done by the automatic configuration in the future. However, could "implement" such presets by yourself: Right after you made your change, bookmark the current url. When you open the bookmark, the settings will be applied. This works only when authentication is not enabled.

It works great. Just remember to bookmark the configuration prior to saving to flash. It has to show the settings in the URL in order to work. Also note that you need to disable authentication.

Finally, in the bookmark properties you can give it a unique name. I appended the existing one with HI GAIN, MID GAIN and LOW GAIN to correspond with the different configurations.

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