Author Topic: What is the source of Wundermap's Lightning Data?  (Read 1160 times)

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What is the source of Wundermap's Lightning Data?
« on: August 16, 2013, 12:56:36 PM »
Lightning can be mapped on the Wunderground's Wundermap.

The graphics include distinguishing cloud-to-cloud (+) vs. cloud-to-ground (-) strikes with location and timing information.

Does anyone know the source of Wundermap lightning data?

Might the Blitzortung network be able to contribute?

Later...I found the answer to my own question:

Lightning Strikes

This should not be used for protection of life and/or property. It is a new feature, and currently in an experimental phase of integrating StrikeStar into The Weather Underground's NEXRAD Radar product.

StrikeStar is a network of Boltek lightning detectors around the United States and Canada. These detectors all send their data to our central server where the StrikeStar software developed by Astrogenic Systems triangulates their data and presents the results in near real-time.

Please note: Because of errors in sensor calibration and large distances between some sensors, lightning data may display skewed or be missing in certain regions.
If you have a Boltek detector and run Astrogenic's NexStorm software then we would like to hear from you. There are a small number of simple criteria you need to fulfill to join the network. You can email us at for further details.
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