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Auto Gain
« on: August 17, 2013, 11:05:55 AM »
I have tried the  "auto" gain setting a couple of times now, but nothing seems to happen.
I am guessing that it still hasn't "gone live" yet. It is supposedly in beta.

The controller page for automatic mode says:

Automatic Mode: servers try to find the best settings for your station. You don't have to worry about gain and other settings. The controller does not store any of those remote values in flash! You can see the current values on the "Status" page. See documentation which parameters could be transmitted (coming soon).

Note: This feature is currently in a early beta stage on the server side. It will take some time to adjust this feature. Have a look into our forum for latest news about it.

Is this something being tested by the "inner circle" cadre of developers? Has anyone had any luck with it working yet?

I really wish that they would get this working instead of chasing gain/threshold settings around with the noise-du-jour...

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