Author Topic: Blitzortung System RED is on order!  (Read 15041 times)

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Re: Blitzortung System RED is on order!
« Reply #50 on: August 03, 2013, 06:11:04 PM »
I finally got it all installed today. The GPS antenna is on the Wx mast just above the H-B lightning detector arm. That went OK. The loop antennas are now hanging in the garage rafters at the far end away from the house. This seems to have paid off, I was able to increase the gain to 10x2 (x40) for a total gain of 800. It is staying out of interference mode and my "efficiency" is increasing, topping my old "6.8 USB" system. (green board)

I wish I had checked the 30' CAT5 STP cable when it arrived. Turns out it was bad and I got errors about the amplifier being disconnected. Sure enough, the gain LEDs were on the potentiometer setting mode, not remote. I thought that I had identified the end with the bad crimp (I did), but my tester showed my re-crimp was bad too. Then I checked known good cables and it said that the same pair was open. I chucked out my last CAT5 tester when it sent me on a "wild goose chase", I think that this one is going to join it in the trash can. I just love "double problems". ](*,)
Greg H.

Yeah Greg  =D> Saw you come on this morning, and slowly climb the charts,.... Thor's HSJ has been messing with most of us today, IMO... lotsa storms in line behind each other and stations... .
Observing some of the frustrations you guys have had with tools/equipment, it's hard to believe my 30 year old, and up, tools functioned as they used to, and I expected...