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I'm Looking for a Specific Color Table (GRlevelx Radar Color Tables)

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Help me find it

Correcting on what i'm talking about: the BR color palette, ya know the thing that you can use to customize the colors/gradients for what you want your br to look like. (color wise)

This is a good resource to start with

Your question isn't 100% clear to me, but maybe this will help:
In any Microsoft Office application (eg Word), if you go to select a font color, then 'More colors', then 'Custom', you'll see a grid with all the possible colors. Click on it and you'll see a 'swatch' of the chosen color at bottom right.
Then you can read off the number code for that color in the boxes - either in Red/Green/Blue, or in Hue/Saturation/Luminance

the base reflectivity color table that is seen in the video (sorry if I didn't correctly specify the right one)

are you looking the actual color as a HEX code?


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