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Weather Underground Problems?

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Since early this morning (Midnight), There have been warnings on my page of "Data not Available".  I've checked several other sites with the same message!  Anybody have a clue as to what's going on?


That's funny, I thought I was the only one! :o

I was seeing the same thing this morning with VWS. Switched over to WD for the uploads and all is well. (I thought WD was already doing my WU uploads but I guess I never switched it over).

I've been using WD for rapid-fire uploads.  The logs for today show a string of 'Connection timed out', followed by 'Valid name, no data record(check DNS setup)', then 'Connection timed out', 'Connection refused'.

I think rtupdate.wunderground.com is having some problems.

Fortunately, WD's wunderground updater is a separate EXE, so nothing else hangs when Wunderground is having a problem (unlike WL with the rapid-fire extension) -- that's why I switched to haveing WD do the uploads :-)


Thanks Ken for the tip on uloading to WU from WD, I didn't know that and had already scraped WU uploads from WL for that very reason, too many hangs.

Now WD is doing my uploads. My WU page gets viewed 20 times more than my home page so it's serving someone.


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