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A few weeks ago I decided to create a site dedicated to GR software. Thus was born. This site is dedicated to be "Your Resource for Everything GR"! From a place to add and download your favorite GR files, to Flash tutorials, and even a forum to ask your questions on how to use Gibson Ridge products, you will find it on this site!

Here are just a few things that we have to offer!
[*] Flash Tutorials (we now have 8 flash tutorials)
    [*] Downloads (maps, logos, placefiles, storm icons, shape files, color  tables and more!) Now have over 200 downloads
   [*] How to Articles (Articles that will empower you to analyze storms from your home computer just like the pros do!) These will be coming soon!
    [*] Discussion Forum where you can ask questions about any of the Gibson Ridge products.
    [*] Links area were you can find great resources!
    [*] Photo Gallery area were you can upload your favorite GR images, as well as weather pics and mugs of yourself if you desire!
    [*] Coming Soon...LIVE TeamSpeak Discussion on our very own Team Speak server dedicated to GR Software!
    [*] and MUCH MORE![/list]
 Registration is FREE and members get the greatest benefits!

If you have any questions please PM me here or you can email me at


For GRLevel3 users, VanceWXMan's new forum provides a lot of info (growing all the time) as a supplement to the GRLevel3 owners forum run by Gibson Ridge.  You should check it out.. he's done a very nice job (in a very short time).

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Thank you Ken.. just to let everyone know we now have 9 flash tutorials thanks to my site partner Beau Dodson. The latest tutorial is called...

"How To Install Volume Data Tables (GR2Analyst)"

New Tutorial Added

How To Make a Road Shape File


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