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Saving some nice microfiber cloths that had been washed with fabric softener

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Microfiber isn't the be all and end all of auto and lens care, but it is pretty good in the right applications.  I find the dry removal of slight surface dust and oil good.

On the other hand, looking at the auto care and detailing videos they all swear by using microfiber to dry your windshields, etc.  I call BS with that experience, and when a friend pointed out most of the material in a microfiber cloth is non-water-absorbent material, it now makes sense.  So I still use god old cotton towels for that process.

Anyway, 'someone' trying to be kind washed a big pile of used auto cloths that I had been waiting to wash all at once, with the intent of making sure no fabric softener was near it, having heard that softener will render a lot of the desirable characteristics of the cloth moot.

Well, it seemed to happen.  And with so many and two that I really like to do the final rub down of the car after cleaning it up, I'd like to try to save them.

Can I just wash them again and then dry without softener?  Do I use a special detergent to try to get the stuff out?

Any suggestions?  Dale

just wash them again they should be good to go.   [tup]

I've used microfiber for glass and car care for years and would never go back. Only thing I don't use them for is deep cleaning my vinyl records. Too much super fine lint to dig out. Once you get the microfiber towel soaked and wrung out, it'll clean the car fine without streaking. I always wash them in the washer as well, just never use fabric softener, especially the in-the-dryer kind. Then your towels will streak.

I have never used softener, of course, per instructions.  This just was a kind mistake.

If  you get  your micros wet and wrung out well, don't they leave a water film behind when trying to finish your glass?  That is where I don't like them.  the inside of the front windshield is a pain to get to and when I do that, I have to follow with a good terry cloth towel, super dry, to keep it from filming over after the water evaporates.

Well, in fairness, washing a car here with RH's in single digits does help with the "leftovers", especially with our concrete hard water here. Either you get it all, or you don't. Streak central. Dark cars are much worse. Guess what color my DD is? Cobalt blue. Sigh....


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