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Well, I did it, but now I'm getting some strange errors.
Thank you for any insight, I'm not sure where I went wrong here:

Now it is a WD setting that needs to be changed.  The testtags.php should not have units included with the weather variables.

Use the Weather-Display Control Panel,
Web Files/Web Page/Real Time FTP/WDL,
Custom Web Page Setup TAB

Untick: "Include the Units used"

Thank you, that fixed that problem. I wonder why that happened, I never touched WD before doing all of this.
I have the php 8.1 running now.
I have a couple more little issues if you might be able to advise me:
The SPC map doesnít show any more.
I canít seem to get the webcam picture to show like it used to where current conditions are.
The cloud level graphic says clientraw not available.
And there are some more php errors towards the bottom which are odd. (To me)
Thank you so much!

Suggest you double check lines 154 and 156 in cloud base.php that the paths are correct

For the messages at the bottom of the page, just set WXSIM to do a 5 day forecast instead of a 4 day forecast.


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