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what's a good mail-order place to buy quality non-electronic wx tools?


First, correct me if this is the wrong posting location.

I'm interested in buying a decent quality sling psychrometer, a few bulb min/max thermometers, a CoCoRaHS rain gauge, etc. -that sort of thing.

I know SP's show up on ebay & seem to sell regularly but a new one might be less of a gamble to some of the shifty blurred know-nothing eb ads... 

Is there a fair-priced good place people know of to buy this sort of thing? Or somebody have something for sale?

Some that cater to universities & Gov - I'm thinking forestry suppliers here - tend to have pretty high prices since such shoppers often aren't as frugal as one ought to be, and I really don't like mega places like amazon & FS anyway; hoping to find a fair small business - like I did for my wx station!

The “official” place to buy CoCo  gauges is here:

Scientific sales also has some of the products you desire—just add .com to their name.


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