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I am trying a 30 day trial of Weatherlink Pro. I like to report the Max and Min temp, precip, and wind at the end of the year. These data do not seem available without having to manually examine data month by month for temperatures and precipitation and daily wind velocity data  to determine the high. Is there not a way for Weatherlnk to determine them for me?

Greetings from The CSRA!  I utilize Mr. Murry's scripts at: if you have WEATHER DISPLAY.  Mr. Murry also has scripts if you have CUMULUS, WEATHERLINK, VWS, WXVIEW at:    You can view my climate data at:  When you download the ZIP files, unzip them and view the README files for instructions.  Hope this helps!

What are you uploading to from? WLL or VP2

Thanks for replying. I am transmitting from my Vantage Pro 2.

I upload by my WLL….


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