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Goodbye to the free Twitter API

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I've been using this since forever ago for TweetWX.
Looks like it's time has come to an end with no more free use of the Twitter API.


Sigh.. If they cut off the free API, I'll stop posting conditions/forecasts with TweetWX to my site (and deprecate the script set).

most likely will kill WeatherDisplay users (like me) also.

Wanted to bump this

Got this from IFTTT

--- Quote ---We wanted to let you know about a potential impact to your Twitter Applets.

Starting Monday, February 13th, 2023, Twitter will no longer support free access to their API. As a result, we expect that any Applet that connects with Twitter will stop working. You can learn more about Twitter's upcoming API change here.

We're notifying you because you're using an Applet that leverages the Twitter integration. To see which of your Applets may be affected, you can refer to your My Applets page.

We know this might be disruptive and we're working with Twitter to find the best solution. We will continue to inform you of any progress on the matter.

- IFTTT team
--- End quote ---

Well, thats just poop :( there goes my long standing WD to twitter feed and IFTTT twitter to FB feed.

I do pay for IFTTT so i wonder if this is why I've not had the email yet? even so, without the WD feed, the IFTTT will be dead anyway :(


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