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So, I was notified that my hosting provider will be upgrading from Linux 6 to Linux 8, along with an upgrade to MySQl 8 in the next few days.

I guess my question is: Should this go smoothly? Using Weather Display just about the latest version,  and up to date on USA scripts.

It's been a while since my hosting company updated and I can't remember if any issues occured when the last time they did a Linu upgrade.



I think you might mean php 8 , Linux 6 or 8 means not a lot to me as a Linux user. If it's php then you might need to update some scripts but if you'd already using the latest versions it should be OK.


Thanks for the reply Stuart!

One of the reason I belong to this group, is because I don't know.

Anyway here is the jist of the message I recieved the other day.

"The priority of the new year is moving your cPanel account to a host server running Enterprise Linux 8 because Enterprise Linux 6 will reach its End of Life (EOL) soon and no longer receive any further updates -- including critical security patches."

Whatever that means, lol.

Ah that means a different thing altogether and explains why I was puzzled because I don't run an Enterprise Linux which I believe is by Red Hat (the developers/owners). Anyway I'd expect them to also update PHP as part of this possibly. They are doing this upgrade for security reasons - always a good idea  [tup]

So if you check on your control panel for your hosting site I'd expect somewhere it would show you which version(s) you run by default, it may be you can select the version to run (my hosting company allows this as do many others). If you can select the version and it is not already PHP8 then it might be worth a try if you are confident your scripts are all the latest versions because it is more secure, however if you are allowed to select it and PHP8 gives errors then you will probably be allowed to switch back to an earlier version while you sort out the required fixes.


I already have the site at PHP 8 or 8.1, it required updating some scripts, thankfully Ken and the crew(?) updated them and made them available. I think the old linux 6, PHP 5.4 was native.

I'll let you know if it all goes well, if not you will probably see a lot of posts from me here, lol.


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