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I have 4 of these camera's and so far they work well and the images are great.
Problem I am having is the camera picking up moving objects at a distance. I have a big lot and I want to see when vehicles or people enter the yard. The best I can get is about 15 feet away. I have camera set to record any time it see's movement but I go back and look and there is no recording.  I have tried adjusting the sensitivity controls but no luck. The specific camera is an Argus 3 Pro.
Maybe I bought the wrong camera for what I need. Just curious what your experiences are with recording objects at a distance.
Crazy but I have and old smart phone I use with Alfred software and it picks up everything. Even at long distances. Now if a smart phone camera can do it why not a security camera.   

Cutty Sark Sailor:
I think the max IR range is about 30 feet for animate objects and about 50 feet for vehicles. If it's behind a glass window, camera housing, range reduced. I think the zone area size also influences the sensitivity. This is about what I see on my 410s. I think any thermal background can affect sensitivity. I also suspect the resolution settings influence this... with fluid being less, but don't remember for sure.  Are you using the Client or a DVR?

Camera is outside.
Using both the client and app. No DVR.
I understand the IR would have a limit but daytime is really the issue. I have stood outside waving my arms, walking back and forth  changing the settings but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
I have not changed the resolution. Didn't think of that. In your opinion should I go higher or lower with that.
Also the zone area's are the FOV of the camera.

Remember that if you walk straight toward or away from it they don't trip as easy as movement crosswise.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Oops... that's a battery powered model isn't it?   You lose most of the PIR functions on those models... all you can set is sensitivity. Sigh.


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