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{RESOLVED}Scripts broken./Has the NWS made a change lately or having issues?

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I took a couple of screen shots of my 8.1 PHP settings.  See if you have any different checkboxes.  There is also an options window where you select 8.1 to check.
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Yep mine are exactly like yours.


--- Quote from: sam2004gp on February 16, 2023, 02:11:35 PM ---I am running 8.1 and still no luck.  Go daddy can't figure it out, and I have my logs files, but still not sure what the problem is.

And yes this is the current error log.  No entries for weeks it appears.

--- End quote ---
The ancient Curly script AtomAlerts.php has been deprecated quite a while ago (by Curly) and no updates since 2012 -- It's not surprising that it no longer works with PHP over PHP 5.x.

The replacement scripts are nws-alerts.php set and are available in the Saratoga templates.  A standalone version (nws-alerts V1.43) is available on GitHub at https://github.com/ktrue/NWS-alerts .
You should replace the AtomAlerts with nws-alerts for PHP versions > 5.x


Well I was checking my website this morning and somehow the scripts are working again.  Giving that yesterday it was all still not working.  So again it looks like Godaddy was the issue and finally fixed something on their end even though I called them many times and nothing was wrong according to them.

I was actually gearing down to closing my website, as of my account was expiring in a few days.  I guess I will check it thru the day and if all is good, I will renew for another year. 

Thanks for all your help everyone!


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