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{RESOLVED}Scripts broken./Has the NWS made a change lately or having issues?

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A few of my scripts from SaratogaWX, have stopped working in the last 3 days.  I have called my webhost and they are not showing any changes on their end.  But appears that the scripts that are puling a "503 Service Unavailable" error all seem to reference something at the NWS.  My scripts that are getting the errors are my "refresh" script for "AtomFeed" aka AtomAlerts and my use of his script for NWS forcast script: advforcast2.  That can be found on my page here: http://www.mountcrawfordweather.org/forecast.php5

If anyone has insight I would appreciate it.  Keeping up with the changes that happen between webhosts, the NWS, and the fact I have such a low following for my small town, I am thinking of just killing the website all together as it is an expense for me.

I think the issue is your PHP version.  I suspect it is less than PHP 5.6 and that is causing the issue.  I recommend PHP 7 or 8 for sites.

So I checked my host control Panel and this script on my website.


They both said PHP 5.6.4, so I changed it to 8.1 waited until the host implemented the change, and still things are broken.  At this point I went back 5.6.4.  I have not made any script or other settings changes in over a year.

Again other PHP scripts on the site work, just not the ones that access stuff at the NWS??????

One  thing you could do is to change your NWSforecastScript.php5 near the top from
--- Code: ---<?php
// error_reporting(E_ALL);

--- End code ---
--- Code: ---<?php

--- End code ---
so we can see what PHP is really griping about to blow up with a 500-Server Error.

Since you aren't running my template set, my diagnostic ability on your site is limited.

Ok edited and that is done still getting the same report in the window.


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