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When does weather day start?

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I notice a footnote in the Los Angeles Times AccuWeather rainfall report says "as of 5PM." Does that mean the rain that fell between 12 midnight and 5 AM, or between 4:59PM the previous day? IOW, what is the conventional definition of a "weather day?"

What's the time period? mm in an hour, feet in a day, cups between lunch and supper?

edit: if it's for the day (not the same as 24 h), it's past 17 hours.  (another good example why AM/PM is nonsense)

Reading the LA Times/AccuWeather more carefully it says "Precipitation: 24 hr period as of 5PM." So it's inches per 24 hr period that begins at 5PM.

My reason for asking is I recently installed an Ambient WS2000 and I'd like to compare my readings to what the newspaper says. I think the console shows precipitation for the 24 hr period beginning at midnight. I'll check that out.


It's good to see someone, other than myself, still reading the daily paper.

From my days working at the paper, way back when (around 40 years ago), the first edition would go to press around 10 pm. Any daily weather report would have had to be completed well before then so as not get in the way of the regular and late breaking news. That's maybe why the 5 pm schedule. But maybe not. Today's papers are all produced electronically so maybe there is another explanation. Or maybe old habits just don't wanna be changed.

The comic strips are usually produced by the cartoonist several weeks in advance of publication.

Thanks, @Notsorusty. You're probably right regarding newspaper deadlines, but it's almost certainly not the local editors that implement it. The newspaper probably uses an AccuWeather app that allows the person in charge of the weather page to specify that deadline.


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