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CWOP still being maintained?

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--- Quote from: Whizzwoz on November 28, 2022, 08:23:02 PM ---So to change location tell noaa.And forget gladstone,findu ?

--- End quote ---

I believe so. Send an email to with updated information.

I just updated my CWOP section in Weather Display to reflect my new GPS coordinates. Went to the site and voila an hour later my new location was shown. I give up on the CWOP folks as they rarely return any emails and still have not updated my location.

Well my understanding is that someone is cleaning up some kind of mess left at the CWOP, and things are being updated now. I think, unless thee is another melt down it is going to be maintain and the data base updated every Wednesday. I know they updated my stuff andhopefully continues inthe future.

Don't know whats happening, but i can't reach my site on CWOP. I keep getting a error message from Cloudflare giving me a error message:1020. Nothing will let me into my site. What gives?

    "Don't know whats happening, but i can't reach my site on CWOP"
It looks like your data is getting to CWOP/findU>>
May be a problem with Cloudflare? What is the URL of "your site on CWOP"?


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