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CWOP still being maintained?

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wd68:  This one gets me in most of the time. The link you gave me works never used that one before but i will keep that one around for emergency's. I like to keep a eye on the info. I have had the server go down here. I just want to make sure i am sending info. ThanksI  Guess i will wait and see if cloudflare lets me back in.

Got it. Yes, Ambientcwop is how we Ambient weather station owners can get our data to CWOP. There is an option to 'signup' so that if the data becomes 'stale' after 5 minutes Ambientcwop will email you. It has worked for me a time or two. :-)
I am able to get to my station on the Ambientcwop site this morning if that helps you troubleshoot anything on your end.
Also, this thread may help explain how/where our data goes to CWOP and beyond... The findU site is where we can see our raw data that is being sent to CWOP.
I like to use the MesoWest as a way to check on my data as well. (your station on Mesowest,

Looks like there is more ways to get the info i need.
This is the one i have been using, and is the one that cloudflare stops me from gaining station data.
Thanks for the info.


--- Quote from: davidmc36 on November 28, 2022, 04:40:48 AM ---I think I will just ignore the "Gladstone" map page from now on:

This one is pretty much bang on:!call=a%2FFW4738&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Something like a year ago I sent an update to the link and got a response that said I needed to update the position my software was sending, which I did. Never saw any update on the map.

--- End quote ---

Mine just finally got updated in the last week or so.


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