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CWOP still being maintained?

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Hello everybody Is cwop still being maintained?They dont answer emails I keep getting what appears to be automated emails try to send them photos of my station but they have not appeared.They wont change my location.Have the people running it losted interest in it and just left the server to collect dust?The last news/blog on there was from 2015.
What do you guys think about it?Warren.

CWOP is being maintained by NOAA, but the website that you are probably referring to is not being maintained as expected.

I think I will just ignore the "Gladstone" map page from now on:

This one is pretty much bang on:!call=a%2FFW4738&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Something like a year ago I sent an update to the link and got a response that said I needed to update the position my software was sending, which I did. Never saw any update on the map.

So I have been trying to correct a name and a location with limited response. I found my Weather Link software had the wrong location info I changed that and now when I click on the location in the CWOP members list, my location is mapped correctly. The Meso-West people said when the CWOP changes their info it will update on their system. But I have been waiting for a response on a name change for about a month now so I am not putting much faith in any corrections. being made.

I did get a response from a NOAA person that answered one of my cwop support emails, but that seems to be a dead end now also. When I get a chance I will dig up his info and post it here.

So to change location tell noaa.And forget gladstone,findu ? Does anybody have the email for them please.
Cheers Warren.


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