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So, is there a place where I can put my call letters in (GW2235) and see where I am located on a map? A local tv meterologist wanted to add local cwop useres to his report, I gave him my info - he said he finally found me on the "map" outside of Toronto CA. I'm from PA, just wondering wap map he was using (he never got back to me) and I did find and changed my location in some script that was recently updated, so all seems to be good.

Thanks for any help


Try this:

Wow Thanks!!!!!!

I remember looking at APRS but then disregarded it because if I remember correctly it said something about ham radio opperators, and thought it would not apply to me so I moved on.

Again Thanks!!!

Have you moved or updated your lat/long recently?
I do notice that your station position is different on the MesoWest page:
    LATITUDE: 46.10000
    LONGITUDE: -75.79983
    ELEVATION: 613 ft
which is in Canada.
Maybe this is the same info your local tv meteorologist is seeing?

Yes it was, and I thought it was corrected after I changed the lat and long in the one script - but I guess not and now since I'm lost on how to really corret this issue, oh well perhaps in a couple of years, lol.

Perhaps I can send out request to mesowest to wee if this can be corrected.

Again thanks!!!!!!!!


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