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SHT45 in Barani/Comet/MetSpec shelters

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After some difficulties, the SHT45 project is coming to fruition.
As a reminder, 10 SHT45s will be in service, 5 at Toby in Portugal and 5 at Antonio in northern France.
They will be mounted in Barani Pro3, Comet F8004 at 190mm and Metspec Rad14.
The others will be mounted according to our comparison objectives, it is essential to be able to compare in two different locations with quite different climatic conditions.
The choice of the other additional shelters will be : Barani Pro Ventiled, MetSpec Rad02, ...
The choice of the SHT45 is quite simple, compared to the SHT35 we gain precision on a very frequent temperature range in spring and autumn.



When analysing the characteristics of the SHT35/45, two parameters are very interesting for our purposes:
1/ The response time of the relative humidity measurement goes from 8sec to 4sec!
2/ The repeatability in RH and t gains a little.
The declared repeatability is equal to 3 times the standard deviation (3σ) of several consecutive measurement values under constant conditions, on the physical output of the sensor.
The progress of the SHT45 opens up an additional avenue of investigation: absolute humidity.     
As this is calculated using the formula recommended by the WMO (thanks to Barani for the information), it will be possible to see whether condensation occurs in certain contexts.
It goes without saying that a rigorous assembly is necessary to exploit this SHT45.     
Assembly without silicone, glue, brass support, etc...
We started with this support:

The choice was dictated by its length (126mm), its removable filter (for future investigations), and its chamber where the SHT45 is located is isolated from the rest without glue, silicone.
This allows the sensor to be mounted at a strictly identical height on all sensors.

Each sensor is mounted on a PTFE tube for standardised mounting on Barani/Comet/MetSpec.
As the PTFE tube is not a thermal conductor, no external thermal influences are transmitted to the shelter chamber.

The continuation in a few days with examples of assemblies in a Barani and Comet, as well as a system of case housing the transmitter and external connectors for an easy intervention,
exchange, maintenance without having to dismount everything.

Origine Ecowitt (Barani MeteoShield)

By Toby  [tup] (Barani MeteoShield)
Mounting the cable gland in the correct direction.


Thanks Toby for the above update :)
Note the common approach taken by both, therefore, we will be working with the same data acquisition process: Meteobridge Red Pro.
But above all regardless of the comfort certainly offered by the embedded system [MB-Pro] in compiling for example the various dynamic graphs at will (therefore abandoned by me due to the inactivity of the main sensors) I think the important thing will be to concentrate on the RH humidity and HA with the T (especially on rainy or dewy days) in order to verify (or not) the theoretical post to us in the joint presentation of the project by Barani in the continuation (update with the sht45) of the comparaison with the MetPro3 vs./ other sheilders !

Lets see what happens .... [tup]

 [tup] Hello everyone, I'm updating the step of our common project subject to subsequent integration for those interested in the question. Have a good day


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