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I moved to a new house back in the Spring and my station is now located around 4 miles away from where it was registered at. My Meteobridge NanoSD has the correct GPS coordinates in it and is sending the correct coordinates to CWOP, however the "registered" location according to is still at my old site. I have tried the "send the updated information" link twice now and have received the email that says that they will update the location, but still, nothing has been updated. The last attempt to get it updated via email was back at the beginning of July. Not really sure what to do to get it corrected.

CWOP link:
Findu showing the correct location being sent:

I have also been waiting several months to get a location  correction. The whole "Gladstone" thing is a mystery  to me.

Maumelle Weather:
I moved back in January of this year and got my station set back up, sent in at least 2 requests to have my location updated.....nothing yet.

I'm just glad mine is only from front yard to back.

Good luck, I finally got some movement after almost two years. NOAA sent me three emails about the change saying it was done. Go to CWOP site and my registered address is still the same as it was in 2010.


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