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Anyone into Bird Watching also?

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--- Quote from: CNYWeather on August 01, 2022, 12:03:17 PM ---A friend showed this to me a few months ago. You take a Raspberry PI, hook up a microphone,
install some software on it, and you have a bird sound recognition device.

It's called BirdNET-PI and it is pretty cool. If you've tried the Merlin Bird ID app from Cornell University,
it's pretty much the same thing. It documents it all and analyzes all the sounds. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Here's a little bit about BirdNET-PI  https://cnyweather.com/BirdNET.php

This is real time recognition of the birds in my back yard. http://birdnet.hopto.org/

--- End quote ---

THis looks neat. Thanks for finding it!

Sounds great! How much ram does the Pi 4 need to operate the software? Looks like it will be awhile before I can get one, they are out of stock everywhere.


Bird watching? No, but 2 white storks (and their new 3-4 chicks every year) live on my property so I see them every day until they fly back to ME and probably all the way to SA from there. Interesting creatures :)

Also available for Android devices:


and this:

Looking for help setting up Birdnet-pi. I am not fluent with raspberry pi software. I have the version 4B and have set up the operating system and downloaded the birdnet software and can load the webpage. I am trying to use a rtsp audio feed from a webcam, but have not had much luck. The rstp address works fine when tried on VLC, so I know that part works.

Added the rstp address to the bird net settings, but not sure what to do next to get that audio into birdnet. Is there something I have to program within the pi 4B for the audio to work?

Any assistance would be much appreciated. I had no luck looking through the birdnet community forum and any detailed instructions are scarce.

Thanks, John


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