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--- Quote from: worachj on July 04, 2022, 01:34:39 PM ---I have a different camera than yours a RLC-810a, and on the windows client there are settings for saturation under the advance option. I would think your RLC-811a camera would have it too.

--- End quote ---
You're right. Those settings are there under advanced.
I have been adjusting them for a while now. Definitely more color but what you gain on one setting you lose on another so I have to keep playing with them to get the right balance.
The screen resolution does have a lot to do with it. My computer monitor isn't nearly as good as my Android phone so I have to keep the phone in front of me while adjusting. Problem I am running into is these adjustments aren't automatic on my phone. What shows up instantly on the PC monitor takes sometimes a minute on my phone. Not sure why that is but it slows down the fine tuning.
Turns out my Argus Pro 3's also have this advanced setting so I'll be adjusting them too.
Thank you worachj for the tip.  \:D/
As soon as I get things right I'll post another comparison.   

I got a pretty nifty little one for about $40 from Amazon.  Pan & Tilt, no optical zoom.  It's dusk here now so I can't get a vivid screenshot of the outside, colors are muted now with little Sun.

It's also ONVIF compatible, so it appears in my NVR system and I can view it on my PC or mobile.

This is the Settings screen showing the Saturation and other sliders.

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This is the normal screen with controls, but you can also go full screen.

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Camera also has a floodlight option that lights up a pretty wide area.  I have two of them using POE adapters.  This one is mounted on a pole 20' up and 50' from the house.

After adjusting all the parameters I still can't get it to look like what is natural. It's still a good picture but not what I want.
So the question remains. Is there an outdoor camera available that can give you a live image that looks natural.

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Here is my out of focus colors for you to see.  I don't have a range of browns and can't see the sky from this angle.

I await someone to tell you what other camera to try.  You'd think this would be something where there would be lots of choices.

WeatherHost:  What brand of camera are you using from Amazon?

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I have an RLC-510A that seems to work well. Last week I "upgraded" to an RLC-810A since it's a 4K camera and I assumed it would be better than the 4MP 510A. I was wrong. I thought the CCD in my 510A was fried by a bright lightning strike last week - check out the 46 sec video at the bottom of my webpage: The lightning was so bright, I thought it permanently damaged the CCDs, so I ordered an 810A for $67 on Prime Days. But over a couple of days, the 510A returned to normal ( Since I now had a "better" camera, I replaced the 510A with the 810A and was severely disappointed. The 810A was dull and washed-out compared to the 510A. And, the 510A does pretty well at night in the IR while the 810A was almost 100% black all night. Today I reinstalled the 510A and the 810A is going back to Amazon.


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