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Cutty Sark Sailor:
Messin' with it... just for the 'hades' of it in between doctors, etc... at my age.... .
Using Netcam Studio, replacing Hikvisions as they fade away, with Reolink 410 5MB...experimenting with cam audio... trick was figuring out how to access it,and embed it.Pain in the but for old brain like me, but simple once ya get it... hard part for me was a web player...
Here's the experiment as it stands at the moment,...Don't expect the player sound to blast you, unless the wind is blowing... it's relatively quiet otherwise...
Don't know how this works out across devices, user bandwidth, etc...  but curious... .

Some birds chirping today. Works on my small Tab

Jumpin Joe:
The birds are a chirping!

Garth Bock:
Get a blank screen on my Android 8.1 using Chrome. 😞

I really like the Reolink camera I have. It's the RLC-410 5 Megapixel PoE.
It does get loud sometimes when the wind in howling like it is today!
Can even hear my dogs inside when they bark from time to time. I put it on YouTube also


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