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Ambient WS5000 Ultrasonic wind sensor vs Tempest Sonic wind sensor


Hello, was just wondering what the pros and cons were between these two?



I have both.

The Ambient measures wind speed/gust at least every second (although it displays it ever 4 seconds).  It uses the collection of reading in that 4 second period and averages it out to determine what it displays.  The ambient saves the maximum of these (<1 second ) second reading to determine the MAX Daily Gust.

The Tempest displays the wind every 3 seconds and I think uses it to save the max wind as the gust.

As a result, the Ambient will catch short term "mico gusts" where the tempest does not.

Since I live in a gusty environment with a fair amount of trees.. I prefer the ambient.

Also... I have not seen false max wind readings like I used to see on the tempest.   I think they got rid of those via software updates.

Hope that helps.


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