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I just upgraded to an Ambient Weather WS-5000.   I was wondering what software/app that people tended to like.  It doesnít appear that the Ambient Weather app get very good ratings.   The other apps that seem to get good ratings are PWS Monitor and myPWS.   I already have Weather Underground which Iím not very impressed with.  Also, anything good for a Mac desktop?
For the iPhone I donít need a ton of detail, but having the forecast integrated would be nice.

Or if someone could point me to a thread Ďem where this has been discussed already that would be great.

Ambient weather is free, have you tried it yet?
(and it does have a forecast feature.
What don't you like about W.U.?

One thing about WU is the lack of data, which is made up for the the Ambient App.  I am liking the Ambient app more as I use it.  Upgrades in WU over the last few years seem to have been a downgrade in my opinion.  But maybe it's just the layout and such.  But the Ambient app seems to be working very well, and they just put out an upgrade last week.

I think last weeks upgrade helped a LOT.
Do you find the map navigation to be still "glitchy" though?
It seems to be that way both on the iPhone and the PC.

I have weatherunderground through the myPWS app.
Do you know if weatherunderground has it's own stand alone app that's any different from what I see on the myPWS app?
I'm new to smartphones & apps, so sometimes I have a difficult time sorting through the apps that are available.


Here is their app, I have been using it for years.  Even before I had a weather station.


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