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How to: report spam posts


Thanks to the worldwide audience on and to the vigilance of many members, our forum can remain thankfully a spam-free zone.

If you detect a posting of a topic or reply that seems strangely inappropriate to the thread, or one with links to sites offering services or products for sale that seem to be unaffiliated with weather-related interests, please do the following:

1) use the 'Report a post' link on the suspect posting, and enter a short description about why you think the post is not appropriate to the forum.

2) Don't do a reply to the post citing it as 'spam' .. that just makes it harder for us to clean up the thread in question.

What we do when a spammer ID is detected is:
a) ban the class-C subnet (/24 subnet) of the IP address associated with the user creating the spam
b) ban the userid and email from future registrations.
c) remove the postings of that user
d) remove the userid

Now that we've reenabled the Member-Activation form of registration, there are new registrants (primarily from the Philippines and Latvia) that are using 'warm bodies' to get past the reCAPTCHA at registration time, so the only way to defeat them is to clean up after they make themselves known and ban the class-C IP address range to prevent further registrations.

Best regards,

Weather Display:
sorry, that was me that replied to the post and said it was spam
will use the proper channel next time

Not a problem, GBW!  Thanks for your vigilance!

Best regards,

Moderators (Ken, et. al.)

Because of the never-ending hard work that you do for us here,  I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we salute you!



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