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Offgrid, No electricity weather station


Are there any completely battery powered weather stations?  My parents live in a remote location with no cell service or electricity.  Once a day at 8pm they fire up their generator and when they do they have wireless internet which they use a VoIP phone service. 

My Dad saw my Accurite 5 in 1 and wants something similar.  However every one of the ones I look at the base unit requires electricity and the battery power is only back up to save data. 

What they would like:

What they don't need:
Any sort of computer connectivity
Any sort of remote connectivity outside of sensor to base unit.

My only recent experience is with Davis hardware - I'm sure others will be able to comment on more affordable options. The Vantage Vue and Wireless Pro2 consoles will run on batteries (with no AC power) for up to 9 months.


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