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GRLevel3.2 2.80 will not zoom up closer than 3.7 meters/pixel

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For the past few months, grlevel3.2 will not zoom any closer than 3.7 meters/pixel. I am not sure how far it would zoom before but I know it was a lot closer than that. I was in the past, able to zoom up to the trees in my yard but now I can barley be sure I am marking my house or the neighbors. When the zoom goes beyond that everything just goes white??

Not sure why you even need to zoom down that far for storm data..... Could be that the map service is incapable of that resolution down that far...

I want to zoom that far because I want to place my marker precisely on the spot and also because there is no good reason why in the 21st century, that I shouldn't be able to, especially since 6 months ago I could.

I pulled this from the GRLevelX Users Forum.

--- Quote --- Limit zoom level on NAIP imagery to around 3 meters/pixel
--- End quote ---


Thanks for the link however due to the inaction of the GRLevelX Owners Forum administrator, I am unable to access it even though I have purchased at different times, granalyst, grlevel2, and grlevel3. I never received, at least while I had the email address I purchased the software's from, the ok to join and access the site email.


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