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Zeta has formed, taking aim at the same stretch of Gulf coast that has been pounded already this season.

28 named storms ties 2005 as the record. However, we're running two months ahead of that schedule, so we may not be finished yet.

It's moving fast, but I can't remember the last time a real tropical storm came through GA, TN and NC.  That's just crazy.   I spent yesterday securing things outside.  It will be interesting so to see max wind speeds and rainfall in the morning.

Be well, everyone.

Ok, I'm located about 17 miles east of Greenville, Alabama....roughly 50 miles south of Montgomery.

We have been just on the eastern edge of the radar image all night.  Greenville has shown gusts up to 49mph.  I've had gusts up to 30mph here at the house and average wind speed of around 14mph.  About 40 miles SSW of me is the town of Evergreen, Alabama...they're showing average wind speed of 37mph and gusts to 68mph....Zeta is getting closer.

Btw, we've had *very* little rain.

Wind is gradually increasing...folks over to the west of us are catching lots more of it that we are.

Just briefly lost power...several areas showing without power in our power company's area of responsibility.   180,000 out of power in southwest Alabama at the moment. 

I think we just lost a tree or large limb....lights flickering.


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