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New Orleans is gonna get slammed


It looks like NO is right in the path of both approaching storms.  Tue TS Marco hits, then Thursday hurricane Laura is going to hit.  I know that NO is a historical place, but I wouldn't want to live there.  I'm afraid this is going to be a bad week.

Think the problem may be with Laura.
Marco is forcasted to be moving at a decent clip and be a Cat 1. They have handled that before. While still a hurricane it's not the devastating type.
Laura on the other hand could be a real problem. It's forcasted to slow down a bit once in the gulf. If it goes over roughly the same area as Marco the upwelling from Marco would inhibit rapid intensification. If it doesn't take the same path it could bomb making for a potentially terrible situation. Right now it's current path is the Texas/Louisiana border, well west of NO.
Hopefully NO just gets residual effects from it. But your right, it could be a bad week.

Geez...its like a bad boxing match where you get the ol' 1 ...2 back to back and you are out for the count. Devastating potential. Let's hope not. Just not what we want to see in the middle of a pandemic. Things are bad enough. Hopefully things are much more secure since rebuild from Katrina.


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