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I'm considering buying this program.  I'm trying to figure out how to change the color of the font in the manage place files folder.  I would like the font to be white instead of the light blue it is currently set at.  I will attach my folder if anyone would like to take a look at it.


I'd be happy to help if you'd like. I'm not sure exactly what it is you're trying to do though. Are you trying to change the color of the the font when it is displayed on the screen for a particular place file?

That is exactly what I would like to do.  Here is what I have.
Font: 1, 11, 1, "Arial"  I tried to change the first and last numbers with no luck.  I do know the middle number is the font size.


Where is the rest of the file? This is part of a place file I use to display my house on GR3 when it hits the right zoom level.

Title: My House
Threshold: 60
Color: 200 200 255
IconFile: 1, 32, 32, 16, 16,"C:\Program Files\GRLevelX\GRLevel3\house.png"
Font: 1, 11, 1, "Courier New"

Icon: 38.97420,-094.66868,0,1,1,"KCWX\nMy House"

Note the red part of the file. The color numbers are just regular colors used by most graphics programs.

Here it is.

Font: 1, 11, 1, "Arial"
; Major Cities by Population (200000 or more)
Threshold: 30
Color: 0 255 255


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